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A Galaxy far far Away

Peter Edwards spent two nights capturing this amazing group of far flung Galaxies known as the Deer Lick group. The predominant galaxy is called NGC7331, and is 40 million lightyears away. There are 7 galaxies visible in this image!

You can find out more - here.

The Group lies in the Northern section of the Pegasus constellation - Here is a finder chart.

Taken with C14 and ST2000XCM colour camera, a total of 24 x 5 min sub images (2hrs exposure)



  Nik Szymanek - Image Processing

Nik is a World Renowned Deep Sky Astro Imager.
and  has written a book - Infinity Rising.

Nik Szymanek


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  Guy Hurst - Comets


  Dr David Whitehouse - Galileo, his life and work

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