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Our Local Star

the Sun....

Local Solar Timing

 Dawn   Sunset
 Sunrise   Dusk

Sunspot activity

A view of sunspot activity using the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager, onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite.

Hydrogen Alpha

The latest Solar Hydrogen alpha image, from the Big Bear Solar Observatory.

Solar Resources

Observing Safely !!

ALPO Observing programmes - A Ha Observers' Manual and A White Light Observers' Manual.

Here Explains how to observe the sun SAFELY!.



Solar SoftwareTHE best software by far is Peter Meadows' Helios Software suite.
This combines
Helio - calculating solar orietation and latitude longitude of sunspots.  (lots more features).
HelioViewer - used for the calculation of sunspot locations.
Helio Image Creator - for annotating solar images

These are wonderful FREE pieces of work that you can spend a lot of time playing around with.
I highly recommend this software for use with your solar observing work.

Useful websites

BAA Solar Section - including Maps, and links to software - http://www.britastro.org/solar/

SPA Solar Section - including notes and references - http://www.popastro.com/solar/

ALPO Solar Section- several observing programs - http://www.alpo-astronomy.org/solarblog/

NASA - Lots of information and notes - https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm?Object=Sun

SOHO - ESA Solar Orbiter - http://sci.esa.int/soho/

STEREO - NASA Solar Orbiters - http://stereo.jhuapl.edu/