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Lunar Eclipse (total)

28th September

From 01:12 BST until 06:22 BST we will be able to witness a total eclipse of the Moon. Not just any Moon, but the 2015 Harvest Moon and a Super moon with an angular diameter of 33.5 arc minutes - the largest apparent angular diameter of the year! The full eclipse lasts for three hours and twenty minutes with totality starting at 03:11 BST and ending at 04:23 - over an hour. The Moon is passing through the southern part of the umbra so we should expect the southern limb to appear brighter than the northern limb. At the mid point of the eclipse at 03:47 BST the northern limb just reaches the central part of the umbra. The Moon will then lie at an elevation of 27 degrees above the SW horizon. As the Moon leaves the umbral shadow 05:27 BST it will lie some 15 degrees above the horizon in the dawn sky.